When you like Skateboard in Australia, you will also know that it is very important to have the right protective gear to protect you while you are skateboarding. Skateboarding and longboarding can be dangerous and you can seriously hurt yourself if you don’t wear the best skateboard and longboard protective gear. Here are the list of the most important longboard protective gear that you need.

The right helmet

You can’t own a longboard without owning a high quality helmet. You need to wear a helmet that fits perfectly onto your head to protect you from serious head injuries when you fall with your longboard or even skateboard. This is one of the most important protective gear that you need to have when you are longboarding or skateboarding.

Protective pads

Your protective gear for longboarding and skateboarding don’t end with a helmet. You need also to have some protective pads that will provide you with protection when you are falling. You need to have good quality knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. They give you support to those places that gets hurt the most when you are fall down from your skateboard. When you have these pads, you won’t have bloody knees, elbows. Without these pads, you will have some injuries that can be serious and very painful.

Good quality glasses

Sport glasses is also important to have when you are skateboarding or longboarding. This is because you need to be able to see where you are going and you can’t afford to get blinded by the sun when you are skateboarding. This can lead to a fall and serious injuries. You need to wear sport glasses that are compatible with your helmet and you can’t just wear any kind of sun glasses. It is important to wear the sport glasses. They will not hurt your face when you are falling.

The right shoes

If you think that you can longboarding or skateboarding with your sandals or normal sneakers, you are so wrong. You need to have the right kind of shoes for longboarding and skateboarding to make sure that you have the best skateboarding experience. You need to make sure that your shoes are non-slippery and that you won’t slip off your board.

You also should make sure that your laces are made from high quality materials that ensures that you can fasten your boots as tight as possible. You also need to fasten your laces in such a way that it won’t get loose and land underneath the wheels of your board. This can cause you to fall and injuring yourself badly. Find out more in our post here: http://vergewakeskates.com/7-upcoming-skateboard-events-australia/

It can be a lot of fun to skateboard or to longboarding. But, you need to know that you can get serious injuries if you don’t use the right protective gear when you are planning to go skate. These four equipment is very important to have, and should be bought with your skateboard before you are going to skateboarding in Australia for the first time.

The game which bores neither the player nor the spectators is skateboard. Skateboarding is the game which is played by various tricks and method in order to make it more enjoyable. It’s the game of speed in a sense that it continues to go on rapidly without any delay. And thus it keeps indulge the whole team and the viewers on sides. Another amazing fact regarding skateboarding is it can be played by any gender and can be played at any age. You do not have to learn complex techniques to play it so.

Main parts of skateboard:

The major part of skateboarding is skateboard. And the parts that are involved in skateboard a Long board, deck, trucks, wheels, and wire. The skateboard can be made u p of resin or bamboo. Moreover, such skateboards come in various sizes and shapes. Most of times it is made up of wood and length wise it can long and it can of short length. Skateboards are also available in various attractive colors as well.

Which are the most common skateboarding tips are?

Skateboarding can be played with various tricks and directions. Some of tricks also enhance the charm and joy of games. The most common tricks of skateboarding embraces:

  • Ollie
  • Kick flips
  • nollie

Skateboard in Australia:

Australia is the country where people of all ages play Skateboarding. Various events are conducted for this game. In Australia skate boarding is played by people of every age.

7 upcoming skateboard events in Australia:

Australia is the country where skateboard events are conducted on consecutive periods of years. Well preparations are always made for conducting an outstanding game show. There are about 7 upcoming skateboard events would hold in Australia. All of these 7 upcoming events would be conducted consecutively.

Skateboard events in Australia – A social activity:

Yes, in Australia the skateboarding is becoming a source of social activity. It lets the people to sit and debate together to talk about and to learn a lot. Like any game, skateboarding also enhances one’s social circle.

Major components of skateboard:

The skateboard is made up of 5 major components which embrace:

1. Deck
2. Grip tape
3. wheels
4. trucks
5. wheel bearings

The deck is the most central part of skateboard. Its average size is 8 inches. Decks may be longer, short and wide. The wide skateboard is used for applying various tricks. Grip tape is applied over the entire skateboard in order to give grip to player’s feet. Moreover, two trucks are attached under the board along with wheels. The wheels are the parts which help in smooth moving of skateboard. Such wheels may be made up of plastic or rubber. These are all the 5 components from which skateboard are made.

Australia is the country where skateboarding is becoming so in. It’s the place where skateboard events are conducted periodically and is played by almost people of all ages. There is no particular practice that is required to play it. But well training can make you better players.

Find out more informations here: http://www.redbull.com/en/skateboarding/events

Original longboards – The original enjoyment

When you hear the term original longboards, you may think at first glance that it is about some new and yet unseen model of decks. Well, you could not be more wrong about that. In fact, the original longboards of today can only be one thing, and that is a vintage longboard. The older models from the past are slowly conquering the market again and are grabbing more and more attention. This does not come as a surprise, knowing that they offer:

Longer deck for more possibilities

  • Perfect feeling of stability
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Compatible with almost all types of wheels
  • Come with various vintage motives painted on the deckOriginal Longboards

Longer enjoyment with Original longboards

With its length of 37’’ and width of 8.75’’, the original longboard Apex 37 is truly an innovation in its fields. Built to overcome the ancestor completely, it gained even more when it comes to the grade of resistance. It can last much more, even years. This radical change in construction offers you better performance, which will be more than enough for you to fall in love with this model.

Loaded longboards also offer you innovations, whereas they are an even younger generation of longboard skateboards. The Tan Tien model is one of the youngest. It has gone through various little changes that mean a lot. It is lighter, a bit smaller, which makes it even more perfect for all kind of geometrical tricks.

The Sequence Never Ends-Original Longboards

The Sector 9 longboards helps you get around the corner with an incredible level of ease. It is the lightest and the smoothest ride you could ever try out. Numerous pleased customers cannot be wrong, as most of the city cruisers have testified that they have not been able to find a single flaw when it comes to this model.

Vintage longboards offer you the classic style and shape of the deck. They have no noses, no tails, only the well-known design. However, this does not mean that they are a thing from the past. This could be exactly what you need! Simple, sophisticated, an item like that never becomes part of the past. In addition to that, if you wish to emphasize the old school spirit even more, you should consider purchasing a colored model with messages and symbols of times past. This will really give an attitude and a statement to your deck.

Original longboards are essentially like a fine wine – the older, the better

We are going to review the top 5 movies with skateboarding. Skateboarding has become quite an art, on the streets, in video games and the movies! Remember Tony Hawk? Remember the Z Boys of Dogtown? How about the Bones Brigade?

Okay, so what are the greatest skateboarding movies of all time?

Best Skateboarding Movies- Top 5 Movies with Skateboarding Best of All Time

1. “Lords of Dogtown” wins the number one place in the Best Skateboarding Movies-Top 5 Movies with Skateboarding”.

Lords of Dogtown cannot be beaten when it comes to old school skateboarding. Lords of Dogtown is a biographical movie based on a competitive group of skateboarders whom went by the name of the Z Boys. The movie takes place or is set in the Dogtown area of Santa Monica, California. The Z boys is also frequent on a nearby beach called Venice.

It is from this movie and the Z Boys in the early seventies that many of the aerial moves and sliding moves in skateboarding became known.

2. “Thrashin’” slides into the number two spot of the” Best Skateboarding Movies-Top 5 Movies of Skateboarding”.
Thrashin’ is a movie made for skateboarding worshipers. Thrashin’ almost became a cult in its own rights. Many famous skateboarders including Tony Hawk strut their skateboarding magic all over the movie screen. Thashin’ is a must see skateboarding movie for sure.

3. “Grind” is riding its way into the number three spot of the fantastic “Best Skateboarding Movies-Top 5 Movies of Skateboarding”.

Grind is a really interesting skateboarding movie that will definitely keep your attention. It is called Grind because while the rest of the kids were returning to the same old Grind, the lead skateboard hero in the movie takes off on the road to follow his skateboarding idol that is on his summer tour. The skateboarder star of the movie and his friends go on many journeys and adventures to try and get noticed by their idol. They never become rich and famous as skateboarders but they learned some very humbling valuable lessons. This is an excellent movie.

4. “The Search for Animal Chin” is finding its way into the fourth place.

In The Search for Animal Chin, an elderly skateboarder goes missing. What’s really cool about this skateboarding movie is it features a famous competition skateboarding team from the 1980’s called the Bones Brigade. This is a must see movie for all skateboarders. The Search for Animal Chin not only has a fantastic plot but it also features a lot of beautiful skateboarding action.

And of course it has Tony Hawk in it. It is a pretty wild show as the skateboarders search their way around the world looking for Animal Chin, an Asian gentleman who was the king of the skateboarders.


5. “Gleaming the Cube” is going to take the final honor in “Best Skateboarding Movies-Top 5 Movies of Skateboarding”.
Even though Gleaming the Tube had a relatively low showing as far as to how many theaters it was shown in. Gleaming the Cube became a classic with skateboarders all over the earth.go to http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-skateboarding-movies/all-genre-movies-lists for more details.

That Wraps Up Our “Best Skateboarding Movies-Top 5 Movies of Skateboarding”