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Let’s examine what the professional skateboarders use for skateboarding safety equipment. What is the recommended skateboarding safety equipment for a beginner? What are the bare necessities and must haves? In old school skateboarding, it was considered cool to have your surfer hair blowing in the wind while you were cruising on your skateboard. Skater clothes were all the rage. Read More →


We are going to review the top 5 movies with skateboarding. Skateboarding has become quite an art, on the streets, in video games and the movies! Remember Tony Hawk? Remember the Z Boys of Dogtown? How about the Bones Brigade?

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What is the main difference between a skateboard and a longboard? The biggest difference between a longboard and a skateboard is the size. Actually almost all skateboards originated from a basic longboard.

Skateboards kept becoming more streamlined and made to do fancy aerial tricks and moves so the dynamics, weight and contour of the skateboard kept changing into what we have now. Skateboards are still changing and so are longboards. Longboards are becoming popular again with a class of their own and they also have their tricks but not as many as the sleek modern day skateboard.

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We’ll share the 8 good skateboard safety tips after touching on a brief summary of skateboarding and why skateboarding safety is so important. Skateboarding is very fun and enjoyable. And sometimes, skateboarding can even be a professional sport. People of all ages enjoy skateboarding. Skateboarding can be a simple ride down the street or can be an extreme sport.

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